Why Do We Make Life So Hard? — The Traveler Dilemma

Why do we make life so hard by traveling the world internationally with a family of five?

This is an easy one.

Regret. I am prone to regret.

But everyone likes to travel. Why do you have to try to do something so big? Why take that on?

Have you ever thought about how much time you really might have and how much of the world you will actually experience before your time is up?

When I do, I have an ‘oh crap’ gut feeling like I just realized I forgot an appointment on my calendar and now I am running very late.

I realize how little chance I have to see all the things I want and how ‘waiting for a better time’ will pass by into a lifetime.

I will be sitting in my rocking chair with a stomach full of regret.

It bothers me, stays with me, makes me uncomfortable.

And guess what? I have never regretted an adventure. I am undefeated in being glad I took a journey.

Big Announcement: Now is NOT THE PERFECT TIME for us to take this adventure. We are launching new businesses and still climbing out of the hole of our financial ruin.

But tell me when the skies will part and it will be a ‘better time’ to go.

Perhaps when my boys are older and don’t want to leave their friends? Perhaps when they get really into sports? Would that be a better time?

How about waiting until they all leave for college in 18 years?

Or my personal favorite…when I retire.

I misplaced my ‘lifetime guarantee’ certificate that says I get to experience everything I want when I ‘retire’.

THERE IS NO BETTER TIME. There is now and that is all there ever is.

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  1. daneaux says:

    Ah, my innermost sentiments and beliefs on the world wide web for everyone to relate to, except it took you to say it.


  2. Raheem says:

    Man… this message hits home. Great post!

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