When Imagination Meets Reality

After over a decade of imagining this reality, the reality isn’t quite what I ‘originally’ imagined.

In the beginning there were no kids or dog. Which means no baby carrier, or traveling baby bed or a suitcase full of home schooling materials. No leaving the dog with family. About 60% less clothes. Eat anything you want, when you want. Go out after 8pm :)… etc.

In retrospect it would have been soooooo easy then. But now is our time and this is my team. With the 3rd original band member Rio back in Ohio ( he saw us off to the airport), the rest of us will figure it out as we go.

Our new reality looks like this…

Grocery shopping looks like this… (notice Cash choking in the background)

And we bring groceries home like this…

Driving looks like this…

As I envisioned this day I never really thought of it with a 1 year old. An unrelenting, often crying, and now sick (my personal favorite ‘Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease’) 1 year old.

Sick child being nursed to health with a Johnny Rockets milkshake.

While adorable, he does present most of our challenges and our time limitations. There are going to be fewer โ€˜epicโ€™ days that used to look like this…

But there are already days that look like this…

And that is pretty awesome.

Now walks through town include a nerf football and promises of a treat if they can go just a little further. The same tricks I used to use on Wendi in Southeast Asia (minus the Nerf).

Many people feel like they could never leave ‘home’, but ‘home’ comes with us. Always has.

Thousands of days of imagining are over. Here was the end of our first full day.

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  1. Kerry Luke says:

    Yeah, Wen, Jeff, Tate, Cash, and Burke!You made it. Sorry Burke is sick. Shakes are always good medicine. I hope he feels better soon. Good for you for starting this adventure. Thanks for taking us along for the tour. Miss you guys! Can’t wait to hear more. Be safe! Love, Kerry

  2. Doug Haughey says:

    I love that you guys have made this happen. A little disappointed you didn’t bring any free weights. You’ll have to use the boys;) Congrats to a great start!

    • Wendi Wilson says:

      Doug – We looked into getting hand weights that you could fill with water, but they didn’t make the cut. We had to take out a bunch of stuff last minute anyway ;( Good thing for the hand held suitcase scale.

  3. Ed Tausel says:

    Wilsons-this website rocks. Keep dominating.

  4. The dump says:

    Just the luggage in the first intimidates me. Go team Wilson. This is truly epic.

  5. Rob Kidder says:

    I’m going to say “heroes” one last time. There. Done.

    Take care of yourselves, please be safe and let us know if you need help Ohio-side.

  6. jenna walker says:

    We are loving following your site. Write every day – it’s truly inspiring and exciting to see you go after this adventure. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Terri says:

    Glad you made it there safe. Sorry about the timing of Burke’s hand, foot and mouth. Kate had it too not to long ago. At least it’s something you recognize! Love your pad in Prague and good to hear your voice! It’s been way too long. You look good and happy and Wendi is as beautiful as ever. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Jeff Wilson says:

      Hand foot and mouth is THE WORST. If you get as an adult it can destroy you…it did to me a few years ago(thanks Tate). I agree on the Wendi part.

  8. marcy says:

    Love it!! Looks like you are setting up camp quite nicely. Good work you guys– love following along and living vicariously!

    • Jeff Wilson says:

      You should know Marcy. Thanks for the extra inspiration. Got a website for your documentary or your Yoga studio?

  9. MAI says:

    I am happy all is well. This website is wonderful. Look forward to more updates. I shared it will all in my office and they were amazed. Keep it going.

  10. Wyatt says:

    Hi Tate!!! Hope you are having fun!

  11. Allison and Duc says:

    Oh my gosh – these pics are fantastic! We’re glad you’re on your big adventure, but we miss seeing you next door! ๐Ÿ™ Keep posting!!

  12. Ed says:

    How cool is this? I can’t even imagine your reality, but it really looks the coolest of family adventures.

    I’m curious what you mean by ‘office’ when on the road.

  13. Mindy Smith says:

    You guys are SO awesome! That looks like a blast. Way to go! keep the updates comin. We love them! Miss you guys already.

  14. Ross Hair says:

    Day 1 in the bag. This is going to be easy ….

    Have a great trip and enjoy the adventure. I just sent you an email with my mate Mally’s details in Cape Town.

  15. Melanie Ulle says:

    Crazy proud of you guys. I physically can feel my chest full of pride and admiration. You are doing what we all dream and giving real life the finger. I can’t wait until we do the same….some..day…

    • Jeff Wilson says:

      Mel that could be a heart attack. Sit down and take a few relaxing breaths. Call 911 just to be safe.

      From the 1,000 Places to See Before You Die couple that is a nice comment indeed.

  16. The Royers says:

    Hey Wilsons!
    Inspired and envious at the same time! We look forward to living vicariously. Keep the beautiful pictures and entertaining updates coming!
    The Royers

    • Jeff Wilson says:

      Will do. Have to setup a call with Finn and Leo for our boys. They need some english speaking kids for a change.

  17. JoAnn Rohyans says:

    Looking for a recommendation for hotel in Pague close to the City Center for 3 nights -8/16-8/19. Would AirB&B be a better source? Then we’re going to Dresden for 8/19-22. Any suggestions? THX

  18. Wendi says:

    Hi JoAnn!
    Sounds like you have a fun trip coming up! We stayed in the Vinohrady area. It was a quick 2 or 3 stops on the metro to the historic city center, but away from the tourists. We booked through AirBnb and didn’t look into hotels at all, so I really don’t know too much about them. For you guys (without young kids;)) I think staying in the center would be great! I would check Old Town Square. It’s where the Astronomical Clock is and it’s a beautiful square that has many restaurants with outdoor seating. Very fun! We like to stay in apartments so that we have a kitchen, if that’s something you’d like, I’d suggest AirBnb for sure (or FlipKey) otherwise, if you don’t need a kitchen or multiple rooms, a hotel in Old Town would be perfect! Let me know if you need help on picking a place. Have fun!!

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