End On A Make & A New Beginning


I always tell the boys to ‘end on a make’. As in, to end on making your last shot or whatever you are aiming at, doing at the time.

A few days ago we ended our time in Praha on a make (and a timer shot thank you very much).

A picnic overlooking the city, while the lights came on and the sun set over the horizon. Prague was beautiful, accessible and exceeded expectations. A perfect start.

It was here that our family officially learned to leave it all behind…to live in a new way.

Although we still have a lot to learn, I am immensely grateful and proud of the boys and Wendi for taking this journey with me.

Here are a few images of our short chapter in Prague and abbreviated stories behind each one. There are many more pictures to come. For those of you that like pictures.

About 45 minutes after our picnic was over and the dog that hovered over our food left and one trip to the trees for a ‘boy pit stop’ and bad sentence structure…we saw Prague Castle and Old Town lights take over.

On one of our last days we traveled quite a ways to get this cup of ‘hot chocolate meets espresso’. Wendi had read about this place so we decided to plan our daily adventure around this one destination. The five of us took a Train, a Tram and 30 minutes of walking …One Way. It was worth it, fyi.

I know what you are thinking, “Why in the Hell would you spend so much effort on one Cafe?”

Hey, watch the attitude.

Because the journey to a specific destination in Prague always goes the same way. You take the Metro or Tram to the nearest stop. You get off, round the corner and look at each other with a ‘how is every place this amazing’ look. Prague is special around every corner. For example, a random turn after the drink above…

I know what you are thinking. “Jeff is so amazing at photography and fast and handsome.”

Don’t get distracted.

Our life here was spent walking, exploring and doing. We didn’t spend any time on tours, museums or being taught anything. Those options aren’t our options, given the crew and IQ we have. Which I kind of like.

But we did tip street performers 🙂 Especially ones that build contraptions like this.

 And we slowed life way down on occassion.

Where someone practiced his crawling. By the way, Japanese women stopped and took pictures of him…for the second time on our trip. Entire groups stopped and took pictures of our boys. I know they are cute, but c’mon.

Don’t believe me huh? Why would I make that up? Here is what it looks like after an ‘adore the boys’ photo session.

This pic below came from a gutsy call made by Wendi. We had gone up Petrin Hill on a Funicular to see their replica Eiffel Tower. We were 2+ hours into our adventure for the day. Complaining was in full swing from the boys. I can’t emphasize this enough. COMPLAINING WAS IN FULL SWING.

To get down we could take a long path (which was not marked) or take the quicker (no walking) Funicular back down. Wendi opted for the family to walk it down (something she and I would do without a thought by ourselves). I looked at her more than once to make sure she was ‘sure’. This picture is the result of taking the walk down. What we soon realized…the boys dominate on the downhills. Cash unravels on the Uphills…every time. Seriously, uphills and stairs are his Cryptonite. Tate runs up stairs and counts them.

Underneath us, the Funicular (and the boys’ hope at salvation) heads back down the hill. 

Did we mention that the Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than anywhere in the world? Surely we mentioned that, didn’t we? This seems like a good place for a beer picture.

13 Responses to End On A Make & A New Beginning

  1. Eddie Baby says:

    Great pics and I cannot believe how handsome Jeff has become. Godspeed!

    • Jeff Wilson says:

      Thanks for noticing Eddie Baby. I keep noticing my reflection as I walk by mirrors, store windows and puddles of what may be dog piss…I really am something.

  2. Shannon says:

    You guys are awesome!!
    This is so cool to see and here about your journey!!
    We are loving the photos and the stories that follow……….so jelous!
    Our rules when traveling abroad and exploring new countries and new places are very simple…..laugh, indulge, slow down and savor the precious moments, love hard, have no regrets and have fun!!
    If you need a care pkg let me know, I would be most happy to send you anything you may need or miss:)
    Be safe,

  3. Carrie Alleman says:

    Jeff-I just had to send you a quick note to tell you how brave I think you and Wendi are for doing this. Dave and I are in awe of you two! It’s so exciting and we’ll live vicariously through your adventures. Stay safe and have fun!

    • Jeff Wilson says:

      There is often a blurred line between brave and dumb. I’ll give Wendi brave and i’ll take the blame for the dumb.

  4. rosemary mchugh says:

    i am so amazed at what you guys are doing and so admire your ability to pull it off. what an amazing venture. will continue to pray for your safety and sanity 🙂 keep me in the loop.

    • Jeff Wilson says:

      Thanks Rosemary. We haven’t pulled it off for too long yet. Although I think everything that led up to it was harder than this. For me at least. Pray for sanity for Wendi. I am a lost cause.

  5. Kyle says:

    Killer trip it seems! The photos speak by themselves, great job with those! Hope all are healthy and having fun, keep it up!

  6. Maria Duttera says:

    Jeff, these are really great pictures and your comments are perfect. You always did have a way with words! Good luck on your next adventure. Maria

    • Jeff Wilson says:

      Hello Principal Duttera!

      A way with words…as in talks too much…is a smartass…that is all I heard as a kid 🙂

  7. Chuck Thuss says:

    I love the Prague pictures and stories. After spending time there 2 years ago, I would recommend to anyone and everyone they go there. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!! And yes…..the beer. Simply put…..the BEST I have ever had. The perfect temperature and sooooo smooth. Hmmm….maybe time for a return trip soon.
    Thanks for sharing!!

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