Why You May Like It Here

If you like big adventures, entrepreneurship, traveling, families and comeback stories you are in the right place.

If you are considering reinventing yourself you may be in the right place.

There will be videos, pictures, traditional blog posts (some by us, some possibly by others), and more. How can there be more? I don’t know, I just wanted to say there would be more. Picture ‘more’ in your mind and that is what there will be.

What’s Our Story Anyway

And The Journey Begins

A small town boy from Ohio mysteriously meets a small town farm girl from Ohio at a bar in Chicago on her first night in the city. And what do they do? They stay up the entire night talking about travel, spinning a globe and listing the places they wanted to go.

A Top 5 Moment

4 years later I (hi I’m Jeff) proposed to that girl (we’ll call her Wendi for this story) in the backwoods of California with nobody around for miles. I was so anxious that my hands were shaky and my heart was beating out of my chest. I wasn’t afraid of her saying no…I just couldn’t wait to hear her say yes!

Even with nerves charging through my body I had the presence of mind to take this picture…I knew this was a top 5 moment in life and it wasn’t going to go without being captured.

Life Changing Decision

A year later we got married and moved from Chicago to Colorado for the outdoors, sunshine and adventure. With some money in the bank from the sale of our places in Chicago we decided to invest in fix and flips.

It would prove to be a life changing decision.

At first real estate went well, we did some fix and flips and we were making a profit. But I couldn’t leave well enough alone ( a theme for me) and so I decided we needed to leverage even further and do bigger properties. Bigger stakes meant bigger paydays. The goal wasn’t fancy cars or more stuff, the goal was to take time off in between big deals and travel. Work then play. It was always the goal.

The plan never materialized though. In fact it fell apart. At the height of our debacle we controlled over 5 million dollars in real estate. Wendi and I lost everything. Even more painful to me was that investors lost their money as well. Those investors were friends and family and they had put their trust in me.

I failed them.

You could say it was the real estate collapse, poor contractors, etc. I said a lot of those things to myself, but in the end it was my responsiblity. It was a dark time. I didn’t sleep much. It is a topic for another post about the ‘Couch of Decision’.

Get Back Up

Have you ever heard that you learn the most about yourself when you are losing? Or the cliches about dusting yourself off, getting back on the horse, finding out what you are made of, etc. They’re all true.

The failure was not the defining moment for us. It was what we did right after that.

And it was how Wendi and I hung together. Together we were unbreakable.

A Comeback Story

So we reinvented ourselves to make a living and help people in a new way. Fast forward a couple years from our Bankruptcy approval letter in the mail and here we are with an ‘invite only’ Pay for Performance online marketing service for local businesses, developing a training system for local small business owners, an iPad magazine for the Apple newsstand and a budding SaaS business.

A New Motivation

And let’s not forget 3 of the other top 5 moments in my life. Tate, Cash and Burke. The moment each of them was born and I knew everyone was healthy…thrilling relief.

Any parent knows that kids are a defining moment in your life. To me they are 3 more HUGE reasons to do something extraordinary. Whatever form ‘extraordinary’ ends up taking in our lives.

The Next Chapter

For now our comeback story goes international while we launch new businesses, learn to homeschool, take 3 youngsters to a different country every 1-3 months and keep climbing out of the incredible hole we dug for ourselves just 2 years ago. Come take the journey with us.