A Day To Remember… Because Usually I Can’t


I wrote this post because of a moment I had tonight.

But first…

Recently I was reminded of how bad my long term memory is.

My boy Joska (the first person I met in college), who I took a 6 month, 30+ state, 20,000+ mile road trip with was recounting memory after memory from our trip. And I didn’t remember any of it at the detail he did.

It made me sad. Happy to hear the memories, but sad I didn’t remember them on my own.

And it reminded me that…

…I need to make sure I preserve the journey, no matter when and where.

Typically I try to do that with pictures. It is my memory savor. Like a mustache flavor savor, only way different.

So even though on this blog I have noticeably moved my efforts from ‘posts’ to ‘pictures’ I thought today was worth commenting on.

This day started with some work after a miserable nights sleep after my first cold in months.

And a random payment on a sales page in my business that I had not meant to be live, yet.

The payment was a cause for celebration and panic all at the same time.

Unfortunately I was processing this all at 8am through a fog of sickness and exhaustion.

By 9am I was off to the nearby Office Depot type store to buy an external hard drive.

I did this to replace the external hard drive that crashed… to backup the Mac hard drive that recently crashed in Bali… that replaced the old hard drive that crashed in Bulgaria in August… that was repaired the night before by a guy that repairs Macs in an industrial park amongst the bras and lingerie he has in piles all over his ‘office’. Seriously.

When I came back to the house I started the backup on my hard drive. It subsequently crashed my computer 7 times before I gave up on using Mac’s Time Machine backup software.

Keep in mind that now my external hard drive that just recently crashed was my past backup. So now my recently repaired hard drive on my Mac that was now crashing upon using the Time Machine was where ALL MY DATA NOW EXISTED. If this Mac hard drive crashed again, there was no backup.

While I had been getting the hard drive, Wendi was getting our lunch ready for a picnic at a destination to be determined, somewhere on the Gold Coast of Australia.

I decided to not think about my hard drive problems for awhile.

Things were looking up.

And so we headed out. Packing 2 iPads and a Nintendo DS ‘just in case’, lunch, diapers, cameras, toys and more. Note: the electronics never made it out of the bag.

From that point on bliss ensued.

The windows were down, the kids weren’t complaining, the sun was shining at just the right angle (on your arms, not in your eyes), the weather was perfect degrees and we were humming along the Gold Coast.


And I didn’t feel even a trace of sick. It had evaporated from my consciousness.

So after driving along the coast, from cool town to town we settled on Apex park.

Apex had a little hidden cove…


A tide pool…


Surfers upon surfers…even a 10 year old surfer girl that our boys were fixated on.


Crashing waves (pictured above).

Crabs (sorry no photographic evidence).

And a sweet lunch spot.


Right before we got there the boys asked ‘what are we going to do here?’.

3 hours later, Wendi repeated the question back to them 🙂

On the way home, we got a little lost, but not too lost. Just enough to keep us honest.

When we got home early afternoon, Wendi put Burke down for a nap and took the boys to the Pool.

I worked and restarted my computer some of those 7 times. It was NOT awesome restarting my ‘repaired’ computer.

After the pool, Wendi went to the grocery store and the boys played their forgotten Nintendo DS’s. The Nintendos hadn’t seen the light of day in 4 months.

The iPad kills everything, even Nintendo DS.

When Wendi came back from the Grocery store, I quit working, helped her put away the groceries and had a normal family night.

Or was it?

I often wonder what other families do each night. How they spend their time together. How they keep up. I feel like I have forgotten what ‘normal’ is now. Maybe that is good, maybe it isn’t.

What I do know is that with so many distractions it is hard to be present.  Hard to slow life down with the family.

This trip removes nearly all of those distractions.

Here is how we spent our evening and in a bit, the moment that inspired me to write this post.

But first…

I wanted to celebrate our unplanned sale on a test website today. So I decided to get a bottle of whiskey, scotch or bourbon.

I am learning to celebrate even small victories, because most victories in life are small and if you wait for the big ones, you are waiting awhile.

So the trophy winner was a Glen Moray Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky(their spelling).

To get my celebratory prize, I took my 3 ducklings across the street in the rain to help me pick it out. They all heartily volunteered. Burke has a future as a whiskey salesman. He was recommending them all.

With celebratory glass of scotch in hand, I sat down to play Snakes and Ladders board game that we got from a community borrow area of the building we are living in.

Tate was riding a 4-0 undefeated start to the Snakes and Ladders season, but was upset by the upstart Cash and beaten ‘barely’ (his words) 100 – 2.

I was sadly a non factor with Burke eating an apple on my lap.

From there, we all made our way to the dinner table where Wendi had made a Plant Based dinner of Vegetable Lasagna (no cheese, no meat) and Asparagus.


And here is where my ‘moment’ began.

As I went to pour Wendi a glass of wine, we both noticed that Cash had devoured his dinner without looking up or saying a word. Tate who isn’t wild about mushrooms had done the same and Burke was following suit.

Equally as suprising was the fact that their bread was the last thing to be eaten.

The family sitting around the table woofing down a healthy meal, talking about our day, favorite movies, etc.

Then, when dinner was over, the two biggest boys start playing football with the opposing couches as endzones. Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Denver Broncos.

Burke was pulled out of the fray due to possible injury. As a consolation he was given an iPad to play.

This brings me to part two of my ‘moment’.

The score is 98 – 84 favor Cash.

Heavy breathing. Tensions a little high. Tate not expecting to be down 2 touchdowns this deep into the game. Cash executing a flawless game plan. Vegas oddsmakers pulling their hair out.

To my right, Wendi is on the floor with Burke next to her while he plays an iPad game (subway surf) that he might be able to beat me on. Which is why I quit playing them 🙂

In both mine and Wendi’s hands are glasses of Australian red wine.

At this moment it hits me.

I am in a state of near perfection.

With kids around, there are rare moments of perfection.

This is one of them, however.

I am right in the vortex of awesome.

And it goes on like this for a long time.


Final score Tate 196, Cash 182.

To commemorate the score, Tate creates a special scoring page so that he can keep track of a new game each night. Apparently he plans at least 10 games more of football.

I will be at the 50 yard line for each one.

And hopefully near perfection every time.

8 Responses to A Day To Remember… Because Usually I Can’t

  1. Taylor says:

    This brought a big ole tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing. You give us hope!

  2. Richi Paramore-Brown says:

    I’ve been friends with Wendi since 6th grade 🙂 I miss her beautiful face and spirit. She is so blessed to have such an amazing family…love hearing about your travels! Hopefully one day our families can meet 🙂

    • Wendi says:

      Aww, Richi.. that’s so sweet 😉 I miss all your smiles and excitement! I would love for our families to meet someday!

  3. JoAnn says:

    So sweet. I know you all are cherishing this wonderful family time.

  4. Rob Kidder says:

    Love it.

    And thank you for making it OK to take my kids to the liquor store. You are a hero to us all.

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