• • We Went Bankrupt in 2010
  • • Then Reinvented How We Earned a Living
  • • Now We’re Traveling The World For 2 Years
  • • Did We Mention The 3 Kids With Us?

"The Wilsons are truly inspiring"

-Dalai Lama Impersonator

A Day To Remember… Because Usually I Can’t


I wrote this post because of a moment I had tonight.

But first…

Recently I was reminded of how bad my long term memory is.

My boy Joska (the first person I met in college), who I took a 6 month, 30+ state, 20,000+ mile road trip with was recounting memory after memory from our trip. And I didn’t remember any of it at the detail he did.

It made me sad. Happy to hear the memories, but sad I didn’t remember them on my own.

And it reminded me that…

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Our Story Through Pics


…And Hello.

For those that like more pictures and are interested in this kind of stuff, we are trying to post a pic or more each day from parts of our journey.

They usually aren’t from that day, just sometime along the road.

To see those you can go here. Or just go to Daily Photo on the top right.

That is all to report 🙂



Happy 2013 From Antartica…Sort Of

Since our New Years is happening around 7-10 hours sooner than most of our friends and family we thought we would have a Happy New Years toast with the boys before they went to bed. Got to be New Years somewhere right? Well, it was in parts of Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Anatartica where our video starts…

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Happy Holidays From The Wilsons

Hope you are all having a Happy Holiday season…however you do or don’t celebrate it 🙂

We are trying to recreate our traditions and ‘bend’ our reality to match the Christmas we know back in the States.

Here are some images below of how it looks so far…with Santa on his way tonight.

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Welcome to the Wilson International RoadSchool


When Jeff mentioned taking this trip, my only initial reason for saying ‘no’ was that I didn’t want to homeschool.  I know it works well for some, but I have never been interested in doing it personally.

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Thursday In Paris. How Do We Spend Our Days?

Me thinks people might be curious as to how the &*^$#@! we spend our days. Are we sipping French wine all day? Are we letting the Nanny take care of the kids? Maybe eating out at expensive restaurants every day?

Getting up at noon hungover? That question was probably intended for Wendi.

Is Jeff ‘actually working’?

Hey wait a minute that last one was a little personal don’t you think?

Well as we got home tonight I thought it might be nice to share what this day looked like.

What made this day special?

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End On A Make & A New Beginning


I always tell the boys to ‘end on a make’. As in, to end on making your last shot or whatever you are aiming at, doing at the time.

A few days ago we ended our time in Praha on a make (and a timer shot thank you very much).

A picnic overlooking the city, while the lights came on and the sun set over the horizon. Prague was beautiful, accessible and exceeded expectations. A perfect start.

It was here that our family officially learned to leave it all behind…to live in a new way.

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When Imagination Meets Reality

After over a decade of imagining this reality, the reality isn’t quite what I ‘originally’ imagined.

In the beginning there were no kids or dog. Which means no baby carrier, or traveling baby bed or a suitcase full of home schooling materials. No leaving the dog with family. About 60% less clothes. Eat anything you want, when you want. Go out after 8pm :)… etc.

In retrospect it would have been soooooo easy then. But now is our time and this is my team. With the 3rd original band member Rio back in Ohio ( he saw us off to the airport), the rest of us will figure it out as we go.

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Why Do We Make Life So Hard? — The Entrepreneur Dilemma

One night over some drinks, a good friend asked me why I am making life so hard.

  • Why not take a job and work 9 to 5?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to come home and not think about the job until the next day?
  • Why travel with the family internationally for so long?
  • Why put all of this on yourself?

He wasn’t the only one to ask some version of that ‘why’. I think that question is on most people’s minds.
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Wilson World Tour Strategy

How do you decide where to take a family of five on an adventure around the world?
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